Obviously need a breather!


How can you tell that you are WAY too busy?  That your life is not your own?  That your children are WAY too involved?!?!?!

Here's my latest episode: Papa Bear, God bless him!, got me a margarita machine for my birthday!  I received the gift on Saturday AM.....haven't had a chance to try it out yet!  Why?!?!?!  Children: soccer, school play, church stuff, more soccer (tournament weekend), spring planting (definitely needed a margarita to get through this!), another showing of the play, cast party, neighborhood going away party (should have brought the machine and had a BYOB thing!) and more soccer.....

Truly, I need to slow down!  I'm gonna age quicker unless I get my priorities straight!!!!!  Margarita machines shouldn't sit idle! Officially Margarita Monday - with or without the alcohol - your choice!  Who's with me!??!?!?!?!

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