National Military Family Assn. - Government and You E-News April 29, 2008


1. Last Chance to Apply for Financial Counseling Fellowship!

2. Sesame Workshop Launches Phase Two of Military Families Outreach

3. Smooth Moves for Military Families

4. Make Room in Your Pantry!

5. National Volunteer Appreciation Week

6. Military Families Share Their Stories

7. NFL Players Tackle SAT & ACT Test Prep

8. National Infant Immunization Week

1. Last Chance to Apply for Financial Counseling Fellowship!The Association for Financial Counseling and Planning Education®(AFCPE®) in association with the National Military Family Association(NMFA) and the FINRA Investor Education Foundation is pleased toannounce applications are being accepted for the Military SpouseFellowship for the Accredited Financial Counselor Program. This programwill provide up to 200 military spouses with the education necessary toenter the financial counseling career field.

The fellowship covers the costs associated with completing theAccredited Financial Counselor (AFC) training and testing. Uponsuccessful completion of the program and required practicum, theparticipant will be awarded the Accredited Financial Counselordesignation from AFCPE.

Many employers, such as credit unions, financial aid offices, andcommunity housing agencies, need well-trained, ethical and caringfinancial counselors to meet the increasing demand for financialcounseling services. Military spouses can fill this need while buildinga rewarding career that is flexible to the demands of the militaryfamily. Application deadline is Friday, May 2nd at midnight EST. Apply now!

2. Sesame Workshop Launches Phase Two of Military Families Outreach: Sesame Workshop, the nonprofit organization behind Sesame Street, today launched Talk, Listen, Connect: Deployments, Homecomings, Changes,the second phase of the Workshop's military outreach program launchedinitially in 2006. The initiative provides support and offerssignificant resources for military families with young childrenexperiencing the effects of deployments, multiple deployments or when aparent returns home changed due to a combat related injury.

Talk, Listen, Connect: Deployments, Homecomings, Changes seeks to:

  • Reduce the level of anxiety children may experience during homecomings after multiple deployments
  • Help parents with ways to cope with multiple deployments;
  • Helpyoung children gain an age-appropriate understanding of a parent'sinjury by including them and the entire family in the rehabilitationprocess;
  • Reassure children that they are loved and secure andthat together with their families, they can learn new ways of beingthere for one another and having hope for the future.

The resources consist of a bilingual (English/Spanish) multimediaoutreach kit with DVDs for children and adults starring the Muppetsfrom Sesame Street, print materials for children, parents andcaregivers and facilitators and American Greeting postcards featuringthe beloved Sesame Street characters for parents and children to stayconnected. Sesame Workshop will produce and distribute 500,000 kits atno cost to individual families, schools, child care programs, familysupport programs, hospitals and rehabilitation centers and otherorganizations serving the needs of military families with the help ofMilitary OneSource  (http://www.militaryonesource.com/),the New York State Office of Mental Health (NYSOMH), the USO (UnitedService Organizations), the Military Child Education Coalition (MCEC)and other partners. Special emphasis will be made to reach families ofthe Reserves and National Guard. The kit materials will also beavailable online at www.sesameworkshop.org/tlcwhere streaming video is being provided by the Department of DefenseMilitary Community and Family Policy Program Support Group, so familieseverywhere can view the videos and download the information.

Sesame Workshop will assess the program's effectiveness with spousesof military personnel who have been injured or experienced multipledeployments, and have a young child. Sesame Workshop routinely conductsthese assessments in order to focus future outreach programs moreeffectively. (Source: http://www.sesameworkshop.org/aboutus/pressroom/presskits/tlc/press_release.php)

3. Smooth Moves for Military Families: Just in time for the summer PCS season, DoD has announced improvements to the Plan My Move website.

With military life comes MOVING.  That is why MilitaryHOMEFRONToffers PlanMyMove, a powerful set of tools to help make your next movea smooth one.  PlanMyMove provides access to the following features andmore:

  • Customizable calendar
  • TO DO lists
  • Departure and Arrival checklists
  • Overseas specific information
  • Reliable resources focused on the community outside the gate
  • Installation Overviews
  • Information on moving with a family member who has special needs

For more information, visit: https://cs.mhf.dod.mil/content/dav/mhf/QOL-Library/MilitaryHOMEFRONT/243715.html

4. Make Room In Your Pantry: Aprilis nearly over and that can only mean one thing...it's time forCommissary Case Lot sales. Defense Commissary Agency (DeCA) holdsworldwide case lot sales twice a year in May and September. TheSeptember sale started in 2001 and proved so popular another was addedin May. The biannual event offers shoppers an opportunity to buy bulkquantities of their favorite products at increased savings, such ascanned goods, beverages, paper products, pet supplies, cleaning orlaundry products, and in some cases, fresh chicken, pork, beef andproduce.

Nearly all commissaries participate - though on different weekendsthroughout the month. To find out when your commissary is hosting asale, check out the special case lot sale Web page. Some sales willtake place the last weekend in May, spilling over to June 1. Customerswho live in regions with multiple commissaries, such as Norfolk, Va.,or San Antonio, can make maximum use of the DeCA Web site to hit morethan one sale.

And while you're on the Website, be sure to check out all thefeatures it has to offer: Ask the DeCA Dietitian; Kay's Kitchen; linksto special manufacturer's coupons, sweepstakes and promotions; and thelatest commissary news. If you're interested in having the newsdelivered to you by e-mail, it's as simple as registering for a freesubscription to Commissary Connection.

So if you're a savvy shopper who likes to stock the pantry and savelots of money, too, do your homework and prepare for the worldwide caselot sale. When you're making out your shopping list, you might find"shop till you drop" is item No. 1. (Source: DeCA News Release 49-08)

5. National Volunteer Appreciation Week:In recognition of National Volunteer Appreciation Week, NMFA would liketo thank all the military families who provide valuable volunteerservices to their local communities.  Without your hard work anddedication, many programs would cease to exist.  From everyone at NMFA- THANK YOU!

6. Military Families Share Their Stories: ZERO TO THREE: National Center for Infants, Toddlers and Families, has just released a video, Young Children on the Homefront,in which military families share their unique deployment experiencesand early childhood professionals offer tips and strategies for dealingwith difficult issues such as grief and loss from deployment and thechallenges that often arise upon reunification.

The video was made for military families, in appreciation and support of their service and commitment. Young Children on the Homefront can be viewed online at www.zerotothree.org/military under "What's New". For more information on ZERO TO THREE go to http://www.zerotothree.org/.

7. NFL Players Tackle SAT & ACT Test Prep:In cooperation with the Department of Defense (DoD), eKnowledgeCorporation, a leading supplier of interactive test preparationproducts for college entrance exams, along with a group of NFL players,have donated more than $16 million worth of multimedia SAT/ACT Testpreparation products to service members and their families worldwide.

Now in its fourth year, the eKnowledge/NFL player sponsorship efforthas shipped more the 90,000 free SAT/ACT test preparation programs,valued at $200, to military service members and their families.

Those military families interested in receiving free eKnowledgeproducts under this sponsorship can complete an online request form at http://eknowledge.com/military or visit http://militaryhomefront.dod.mil/ for more details. Copies can also be requested by phone at 951-256-4076, or via email at support@eknowledge.com.

8. National Infant Immunization Week:On Sunday, April 19th, The U. S. Department of Health and HumanServices (HHS) and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)launched National Infant Immunization Week (NIIW) with eventscontinuing through Saturday, April 26, 2008.

Parents, caregivers and health care providers will be remindedduring NIIW of the benefits of vaccination and the importance ofroutine childhood vaccination. One focus will be encouraging parents tobecome informed medical consumers by talking to their healthcareproviders and asking them questions about vaccines.

The number of cases of most vaccine-preventable diseases and deathsis at an all time low. Vaccination programs in the United States havecontributed to the elimination of many vaccine-preventable diseases andhave greatly reduced the incidence of most other vaccine-preventablediseases.

Although vaccines have drastically reduced vaccine-preventablediseases, they are still circulating in many parts of the world and theUnited States can see a return of these diseases if we don't maintainhigh vaccine coverage levels. Diligent efforts are required to ensureour immunization programs remain strong to protect our children.

For more information visit www.cdc.gov/vaccines or call 1- 800-CDC-INFO (800-232-4636).(Source: http://www.cdc.gov/od/oc/media/pressrel/2008/r080424.htm)


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