I'm So Clueless: The PCS Tipping Edition


Due to the overwhelming success of the first edition of I'm So Clueless, I need some more help with PCS tipping etiquette.

While I'm sure that there are more people that I should tip, I'm mostly concerned about the movers.  After all, nearly everything I own is in their hands and I want to do whatever necessary to make sure that the movers like me.  We already buy them a semi-decent, usually fast food, lunch every day that they are moving us.  Some movers protest a little (at first) but they all seem to be appreciative.  I also try to keep bottled water and Gatorade available.  It isn't until the end of the move that I start getting really  nervous.  I'm pretty sure I'm supposed to tip someone, and I'm not sure who, or how much.  Do I tip everyone the same, or does the driver get more, or less?  What if you have one crew at one end and another crew at the other.  What if a packer comes for two days but doesn't come on the third day, when I'm handing out tips?

I would love to hear your thoughts, knowledge and experience.  Let the sharing begin!

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