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You know, I have been so darn proud of all you SpouseBuzz folk participating in Fit Club.  You've worked hard to keep up with your commitment, you report in faithfully, you have been so positive about the whole thing that you've actually kept me working out faithfully and (trying) to eat right for the past three months! 

And now, because we have been so faithfully upbeat, I'm going to devote this particular Fit Club post to venting.  That's right, we're going to pass around this bottle of calorie free wine of an excellent vintage, this plate of virtual chocolate chip cookies that magically vanish from your system after you eat them, and some cheese (because you have to have some cheese) and vent out the worst parts of the Fit Club journey.

Just remember to put on your Big Girl Panties when you are done and pass the wine to the next person.  Next week should be MUCH easier - after all, sometimes what we need most is just to vent to our friends.  And drink wine.  And eat cookies.

I'll go first...

I hate exercising.  I really, really hate organized exercise.  My biggest struggle is finding a workout to do that I don't dread with every fiber of my being, and it usually takes me a few hours in the morning to actually steel myself enough to go down and put all my effort into working out.

Also, my goal is to have lost one size by the end of June - which seems do-able, since we started in February.  But although my pants fit better, and some pants fall off, I'M STILL THE SAME DARN SIZE.  Which is utterly irritating, because it almost feels like I'm not going anywhere - although I have to give up one of my biggest pleasures in life... good food.  I LOVE food, and I LOVE eating.  It's a wonderful thing.

To further irritate me, I keep getting emails from my mother, who had gastric bypass surgery at the same time I started doing Fit Club.  "I just lost another ten pounds!"  "I'm down 50 pounds now!"  "I'm LOSING SO MUCH WEIGHT!"  I feel terribly jealous, and I also want to hit something because I'm working at my limit and not seeing much result and the bragging is almost more than I can stand. 

I'm also fighting a horribly rude urge to hope that she looks like a human Shar Pei, so I can at least have something in my favor.  All these hour long workouts and a complete ban on sugar do not make me sympathetic to someone who had quite a lot of help in the matter.  I may just change my middle name to "Perpetually Frustrated".


Okay, I feel better now.  Big Girl Panties are on - time to get back to work and soldier forward.   Who shall I pass the wine to next?

**IMPORTANT UPDATE: Next Thursday, May 1 we will be doing a Radio Show with Nikki of Nikki Fitness!  I truly hope that the Fit Club participants will be able to call in and discuss the fitness journey, ask questions, and get answers.  Nikki's workout is one of the few that I can actually stick with, and the results have been GREAT!  AFG has really enjoyed the fact that my butt is higher and firmer than ever.  :)

Remember!  Thursday, May 1  at 9 pm- Nikki Fitness on SpouseBUZZ Talk Radio!

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