17 years, and I keep learning


This past Sunday DH and I celebrated 17 years of wedded bliss!! 

In typical military fashion we celebrated the milestone apart from one another.  He is currently at his new assignment, and I am trying to prepare a home to show, and sell. 

The crazy part is, I was really not bothered that we were apart, I am sure we would have preferred to spend the day smooching, and remembering the day 17 years ago TOGETHER. 

But, like most military couples, we have learned that Christmas can be celebrated in July, Valentines Day is everyday, and heck sometimes it is ok not having a witness to turning yet another year older.   

We will celebrate ten-fold when we are reunited...

I am amazed that the lessons in this life never cease. 

I am thankful for this life I lead. 

My Father recently came down to help me prepare my home for the real estate market, and initially my stubborn, independent spirit was insulted.  "I can do this, I do not need help".  It was my fellow military spouses that reminded me that, "everyone KNOWS you can do it, but accept help!"  I am glad I did, for his assistance made the process about 2 weeks further along, that it would have been.   Painting the exterior and interior of a home is a tedious process indeed. 

Thank you Dad!

I am now on the cusp of getting ready to show my home, and I am glad, that you all reminded me that there is no shame in accepting help. 

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