the old dog, must learn new tricks. Watch me jump through this hoop!!


The DITY move progresses.   I might add it is progressing at a snails pace.  Between single parenting, and the extended illness, the unexpected bout of Southern snow (twice), well I am about 2 weeks behind schedule. 

I keep trying to keep those things in perspective, and I have decided that my schedule is the only one that counts since I am essentially the person in charge. 

I am really working at trying to create some sort of balance here. 

My Husband is a National Guardsman, but his primary occupation for the last few years, meaning his Monday through Friday job has been that of a Federal Technician.   There are a couple of other Federal Technician wives that read SpouseBuzz.  Being a Federal Technician means DH goes to work in uniform, but he did not get military pay or benefits.  (I would not recommend going technician, for most folks there is a big cut in pay).  However, we did it temporarily or at least thought it was temporary.  To our surprise, the full time AGR position that we were promised for the last 7 years, well it never materialized.  Hence the current  move.  It will be a completely new experience for us.  Not only is there a boost in pay, we are eligible for Tri-Care.  I have not used Tri-Care since 1991, unless there was a deployment of course, but then we had Tri-Care as our  secondary insurance. 

There is also explaining Federal Technician to folks.  Oye.  It is tedious, even military folks do not understand it.  Seven years of explaining Federal Technician to bankers, healthcare providers, civilians.  Really, it has left my head spinning.  I do not miss it at ALL. 

So I will be learning all sorts of new things as a military spouse  AGAIN.  We will be getting BAH, for the first time since 1991.   I am going to have to sit down with the LES, and decipher it.

But this time I know what LES actually means. 

Because in 1991, my husband told me.....

"I have PLDC for 3 weeks, and don't forget to check my LES, for BAH, BAQ, stop at the class 6 before I come home, I should be there around 2000".

I had no idea what he was talking about...NONE. 

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