Thanks, Mom


Over the years, the many and varied PCS moves gather a rhythm completely of their own making.  When notified, we're excited about the impending new locale, we scour the Internet for information, we launch rapid-fire questions to our SB buds, and then we face the inevitable.  AWTM and Andi are both looking directly into the eyes of the PCS monster right now ... and their posts below give you a peek under the tent flap into this process.  Ours ... was last summer.  We moved from a huge metro area to the intermountain west.  Moving ... you just have to find that rhythm and you just get on with it.

Within a few months post-move, when the dust settles and you're working through all the small crap of getting a new routine ... out of nowhere you find yourself beset by the grumbles.  Dang it, this used to be easy!  Oh crap, where in the world did we put the junk drawer stuff?  Why won't this fit in the new frig?  You've shoveled what they're saying is about 80 inches of snow and all you want is to be warm, on a beach, with Uncle Jose (Cuervo) ... And just when the last place you just departed is seemingly the best place you've ever been, it happens ...

... you find yourself catching your breath.  Looking out the window behind my little nook of a study, Mother Nature wanted to show me something.


And although this picture doesn't do it justice ... I remembered a previously learned lesson; every place the mighty United States Military sends The Boss and me, there's going to be something to appreciate and you just have to open your eyes to find it.  The very lady who last night had the wind whipped snow freezing the tears that kept my contacts in place, had left me some magic that only she can create.  She tapped my shoulder this morning to remind me of what follows the storm; ... the calm we all hold out for in every circumstance ... truly, it was something this grumpy toad needed. Thanks Mother Nature--you're beautiful.  O&O, MaintenanceToadOne

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