Strange days indeed.


We're now down to a few days before the Dark Prince deploys to the sandbox.  The light Twin is going back to school on Sunday and then we're going down to DP's base to see him off.  I think I'm just ready to get the clock started on this deployment.

The time with family last weekend was pretty good.  No meltdowns on my part or anyone else's, thank God.  I think we had fun.

There WAS a weird development though...

Lancelot is usually very calm, cool and collected.  He really is my rock most of the time.   

Something is different this deployment.  He isn't going.  He's one of those of us left behind and he's not used to that.  Unlike other deployments, he doesn't get to focus on the deployment mission.  He has to stay here and wait it out.  Gut it out.

I don't pretend to think that it's easier to deploy than stay at home and wait.  It most certainly is NOT.    I get to stay here.  My life really won't change that much day to day.  I get to sleep in my own bed, cook in my kitchen, burn my Yankee candles, watch my godawful sci fi movies,  and love my family.  Oh..and miss the family member that is deployed.  It's a role I'm quite used to playing.

It is NOT a role that my husband is used to playing.  I alternate between slight amusement, slighter irritation and sympathy at his reactions to things like sliding deployment dates.  We don't call it "Semper Gumby" for nothing.

Every deployment is different.  This one will be no exception.   Who knew that I'd be the deployment/homefront side expert....?

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