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I am so darn bored.  I really am.  On Wednesday it took me three hours to stop dreading running up and down the stairs and force myself to work-out.  I'm already dreading the stairs today. 

I've been good - I only skipped Tuesday, and that is because after a morning full of errands and having to spend the afternoon shopping at Sam's, I was just too exhausted to even think about moving around.  And since we walked for over three miles on Sunday around the monuments in DC, I don't consider myself a total failure here.

But I'm definitely at that point in the workout/weight loss journey when just throwing up my hands and saying, "I'm done!  I'm not getting results fast enough!  Why bother with that nasty sweat and stuff!"  Trying to carve out time to workout without interruption from the kids (why do they ALWAYS choose when I'm working out to start their knock-down, drag out caged matches?) is getting irritating, and it would be a lot easier to just park my butt on the couch and surf the web.

So now I'm desperately searching for my motivation again, guys!  Help a girl out! 

One place we can all get some hilarious inspiration is at the site of another mil-spouse with a fitness goal - Tootie.   Tootie up and decided to run a marathon - and now she's training for it.

A marathon!  I don't even run to the mailbox on payday!

Tootie has also experienced the "I don't wanna do this!" pressure, she talks about it here,  and I have to say that she has a lot more self control than I do.  If I wasn't feeling like running I would have probably chased my husband, banging on the trunk until he stopped.  Of course, knowing AFG, he would not have stopped, he would have made me run even further just to make a point.

Living with a genetically healthy/fit person who doesn't have to work out to stay slim and supple can drive one to murder, let me tell you.

Also - I'm dreading Easter.  That buffet has far more than the ham, and it's delicious, every bit.  If you see a sobbing chubby red-head at the Easter Brunch this weekend, just slip me an m&m and it should all be fine.  Oh - and you can't tell anyone that you slipped me the m&m either.  It will be our little secret.

So, how are you all doing on motivation?  How do you stay motivated?   

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