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Tomorrow on SpouseBUZZ Talk Radio, we'll be having a discussion with military spouses who have blazed trails and discovered ways to connect with, and cater to, military spouses. Joining us will be Babette Maxwell, Co-founder and Executive Editor of Military Spouse Magazine, and Army wife and author Marna Krajeski. We may be joined by another pioneer in the milspouse world, too. Tune in tomorrow evening at 9:00 EST.

Speaking of SBTR, we have a special announcement to make. Katherine Fugate, series creator and executive producer of the hit Lifetime television series, Army Wives, will be joining us on SBTR April 24th at 9:00 p.m. EST. Katherine will be our guest for the full hour, and she'll be taking your calls, so get your questions ready. Production on the second season of Army Wives (which will include five more episodes than last year's season) was halted for a while due to the writer's strike, but production resumed last week.

How about a stroll down memory lane? I can't wait for these types of discussions to resume! If you want to get warmed up for Katherine's appearance on SBTR, she'll be involved in a live chat tonight at 11:00 EST. Details here.

Update: One more item - for SpouseBUZZ 411 members, you will continue to receive email alerts for big news, but I'm re-working the newsletter tool, so we will suspend the monthly newsletter until further notice. Hope to resume in late-April. Once we're done tweaking, it will be bigger and better. Thanks for your patience.

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