Oh. My. God.


This morning I thought, "Wow!  Things seem to be going really smoothly lately!  How nice!"

That is a very stupid thing for airforcewife to do.  Very stupid. 

You see, after the latest move we had to switch from a base chapel to a regular Catholic parish.  I'm still having a hard time with the switch - there aren't any uniforms in the pews on Sundays, for one.  Also, there isn't an understanding of some of the issues.  I kind of feel like an outsider.  Also, our new church is HUGE.  And I like that at the chapel they knew us, and we knew everyone.

Well, as if that wasn't issue enough - today my second daughter was altar serving Good Friday mass.

She puked.

She was holding the bible and she puked. 

Not ON the bible - she handed (threw?) that to the priest during his prayer and ran out of the church puking all the way.

The poor kid.

And I'm seriously not helping much because I can't stop laughing.

I hope she doesn't get a complex about this...   

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