I think the blog Non-Essential Equipment is one of the most cleverly named military spouse blogs out there.  How did she come up with the name?

When a soldier is packing up for a mission, he is often instructed to leave all non-essential equipment behind. This includes a soldier's family.

Anyway, she posted a little story about her toddler son recently that had me in stitches.  Her husband apparently talks on the phone often with the First Sergeant, lovingly referred to as "Top" by many soldiers. 

This morning, after a series of phone calls ... my speech-delayed son picked up my husband's cellular telephone. He likes to play telephone and just babble on but we were amazed this morning when we heard the following:"Hello, Top. WHAT?! NO! (insert stern random babble)...You're kidding me. ...(more angry babble)...No way. See you later. Bye, Top."


You can read more from Non-Essential Equipment here.

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