Just when I thought I was Spartan


We have been at our current place of residence for 8 years now.  In Army Wife years that equals 16. 

I noted for the last week or so I was having a tremendously hard time packing.  I hit some strange "moving wall".  There are items in the house I have not laid eyes on in years. However,  I was clinging onto these items for no rational reason. 

So this morning I made a phone call to the Disabled Americian Veterans, and was surprised they have no store in state.  So I called another charity.  They will be here in a few days to remove the items in question. 

My rule of thumb today is "If you have not used it in one year, you no longer need it, unless it is a family heirloom."

I currently have a growing collection. 

I really thought I was "Spartan".

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