I can dish it out, but I can not take it


My own advice. 

Geesh, have I  turned into " THAT"  person?


Any of the regular spouseBuzz Talk Radio listeners will note I have been sounding very Brenda Vicaroish for the past 2 months.  A bout of the more than common pneumonia/bronchitis/influenza of Spring 2008, and now allergies to all that is in bloom.  Not fun, the incessant blowing of mucus, and the cough that seems to turn spasmodic when I least expect it.  So long the sweet scent of Estee Lauder pleasures delight on my flesh , hello Vicks vapo rub and the greasy aftermath.  So long  the quiet of the night, hello humidifier.  So long the weekly trips to the grocery store, and HELLO buying a gross of tissues every other day. 

It is all viral, so frankly other than resting, drinking 2 gallons of water a day, and taking a supplement, not much can be done I am afraid.  I decontaminate my children after they are exposed to their peers, but not well enough it seems.  So, I am waiting it out, and mucunix and I are on a first name basis. 

Let me add here, we are in the middle of a DITY move.  And DH is not here.   BWWAhahaha.  Murphy's law and all of that you know. 

The combination of single parenting, invasion of a killer virus, looking for a new home, schools, Physicians,  packing and preparing to sell my home has left me...well it is worn me out is my guess. 

I am realizing once again I am not Superwoman.  (Although I may get the t-shirt to pretend I am on occasion.)

So while making beds and washing breakfast dishes, I stopped for a moment and thought.....

What would you tell anyone else to do?

I would tell them to rest, and that they would be better off taking care of themselves FIRST.  The house can always be packed, painted, etc.


What a novel idea.

Oh and I am surrendering and crying out UNCLE here, I get it.  I do not need or want any more lessons on Superwoman syndrome.

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