He's Definitely Probably Deploying. Maybe.

This post has been a long time coming.  My husband is deploying.  No, for real, I mean it this time.  Seriously.  Why don't you believe me?

In 2006, I wrote about giving my husband permission to switch assignments with a guy so my husband could deploy in his place.  But it didn't end up happening; he got assigned to an Army school instead.  He went to school for a year and was told he'd be deploying as soon as he finished school.  Nope, didn't happen.  It got pushed back a few months, and then, as soon as we were given a deployment date, he was told he'd been made Rear Detachment.

My husband pouted and fussed and cussed.  I tried to help him find the silver lining, that we'd hopefully have time to start a family and that we'd make him the best darned Rear D guy the Army has ever seen.  I planned to post and ask you all what you want out of Rear D.  I thought that he could really do a good job of this assignment, and I thought Rear D could make an interesting addition to the SpouseBUZZ repertoire.  He'd have thousands of spouses, all telling him what to do -- ha.

A few weeks later, he was told they were swapping him with another soldier and he was now deploying.  Then two days later, they said maybe not.  Then maybe yes.  Then definitely yes.

So he goes in the field this week, comes back, we have some block leave, and he's outta here.  Lickety split.  No time to even think about it.  We've been doing the mental off-and-on since Fall 2006, and still it managed to sneak up on us.

So I promise you, this time he's leaving.  Probably.  Right?  They wouldn't change their minds again, would they?

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