Same As It Ever Was

This past week, my son deployed.  Lancelot and I went down to the base to see him off.  This particular base is one I have lived at for two assignments and a total of 7 years. 

Ahhh, the memories.  A whole lot of firsts occurred down at Camp "Swampy".

This was the first base where we lived together...sort of.  I remember the first time I saw the town as a brand new Marine wife.  I bawled like a baby.  What in the helk had I gotten myself into?

This is the first base where Lancelot deployed.  Only five more after that...piece of cake...(snort).

The first base where I went to a Dining In.  Apparently, you have to ask permission to use the restroom or your husband could be assessed some kind of humiliating penalty as a result.  He didn't.  I told them that they had to prove that I'd gone to the bathroom.  That shut them up....

This is the first base where we bought a house.  We drove by it while we were down and it looks a bit rundown.  It HAS been 20 years though so I suppose it's to be expected.

The first base where my son played football.                                                                                     The place where the dark twin uttered her first curse word.   The twins' first driving lesson (note to self, don't leave your stickshift car in neutral in the driveway...see  Andi's post about "making an entrance")

Our first hurricane.  Our second hurricane.

Where we bought, for $25, our first dog.  It might be our only dog as she is a stubborn mutt.

And now it's the place where my son has left for his first deployment.

What a trip down memory lane and it's just as I wrote in the title.."Same As It Ever Was". 

More to follow.....just trying to crawl back out of the hole after being sick with a stomach virus for a week.

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