This has nothing to do with milspouse issues, really, but I think it's important. I fell prey to an email scam several years ago. Since then, I've been incredibly careful when it comes to my email. I've recently tightened the screws once again because too many questionable emails were slipping in. Occasionally, email that originated from a legitimate source is discarded by me (or my spam filter) out of an abundance of caution. I prefer dealing with the problems that are associated with that (why didn't you respond to my email?) than the alternative. You have to be careful because the spammers and identity theives are so sophisticated today. It's easy to be fooled.

Landing in my junk folder recently have been emails that were from Hallmark.com. Hey, look, someone sent me an e-card.... But as I suspected, it wasn't from Hallmark.com at all. Even if I had believed that it was, I wouldn't have opened the link. I never, ever open a link that isn't from someone I know and trust. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. Click here to read more, and pass the link around.

I truly despise people who do stuff like this!

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