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Just a reminder that tomorrow evening at 9:00 on SBTR, we'll be speaking with Major General Elder Granger and Francine Forestell of TRICARE. General Granger is going to give us some updates on TRICARE and he and Francine will answer some of your previously submitted questions. Time-permitting, they will also take your calls and answer more questions.

Earlier this evening, our first edition of the SpouseBUZZ 411 went out. The 411 is a monthly newsletter that keeps you informed as to SpouseBUZZ happenings. Those of you who signed up to receive the 411 were provided with some information that has yet to be posted here on the blog. 411 members will be the first to receive certain pieces of information. If you want to be placed on the distribution list, click here to send an email request and please be sure to place "SpouseBUZZ 411" in the subject line.

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