Taking care of ourselves, a fantastic reminder on Spousebuzz Talk Radio Sunday night


I was reminded not so very long ago by a friend, that it is imperative that Mothers must take care of themselves.

I find this of particular importance to military spouses.  We are often alone, and advocating for ourselves, our children, our significant others.  some things slip through the cracks.

I have spoke with many women who do not get regular medical care.  Not because of lack of appropriate care, physicians, or money.  It is usually the lack of time.  We are often so busy taking care of those around us, we forget to take care of ourselves. 

We skip meals, we do not make the time to exercises, relax, and many of us skip those regular trips to the gynecologist, dentist, and our Family Practice physicians. 

I made time the other week to get my hair done, something I had neglected to do for months, and when my beautician met me at the door, I immediately knew something was not the same. 

With a little prodding she had told me, she recent suffered a heart attack.  My 39 year old, fit, hair dresser, who just happened to be training for a marathon. 

She has agreed to come on SpouseBuzz Radio and share with us her story this Sunday night.  It is an important story to hear, an amazing tale. 

We will also be joined by another friend of mine Capt. Robin Lowery a Physicians Assistant, who will share important information about assessing our heart health, the difference between male and male heart attack symptoms, treatment, and care.

February is also Women's Heart Disease awareness month.  for those of us with a history of heart disease in our families, this is an important show.

Please join us this Sunday night at 9pm EST.  on SpouseBuzz Talk Radio.


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