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Okay, true confessions time - I binged on giant marshmallows twice this week.  And I had honey toast twice.  On the bright side, I made a permanent change to my lunch, having sliced cucumbers as a lunch side every day!   

But, for the most part I kept to the deal - and I even exercised every day.  I kept to my fake "stairmaster" routine, although I did have one day where I couldn't beat ten stair circuits because my legs decided that a week of stairs HURTS and went on strike.

Oh, and my dog Ike thinks I've gone nuts.  He stands at the bottom of the stairs and whines at me, while occasionally reaching over to try and grab the bottom of my pants and force me to stop running around like a crazy person.

Next week's resolutions - do the stairs twice a day, get the giant marshmallows OUT OF MY HOUSE to get rid of the temptation, and do a beginning yoga to ease back into it on three different days.

Report in, guys!  How did you do?

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