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Okay, now that I've gotten that off my chest...

Great things have happened here at the house of Air Force Family this week. But, of course, there was sinning. There is always sinning. I'm a sinner, what can I say.

I blame the chicken pesto pizza. God, that was good.

Last Sunday we interviewed InFITnity founder Robert Andres Carvajal and he had some advice for exercise weenies like airforcewife. GOOD advice. And I took it.

And what a difference a week can make!

Robert actually pointed out a problem I have that I had never considered before... I get totally bored with any workout routine. And I just don't know what I really like doing. I do know that after 45 minutes, I don't really like doing ANYTHING enough to keep doing it. And so I put off working out, and it's easier to say, "Oh, things just got in the way and I didn't get to it."

What Robert suggested was that I add to my hamster-on-crack stair routine by doing a few simple exercises to keep my heart rate up in between laps. He specifically mentioned trying a triceps dip exercise on the edge of the couch and bicycle crunches. Oh, and jumping jacks. I was a bit dubious on the whole jumping jack theory, but I figured I should try what the trained man said.

AND HE WAS RIGHT. I alternated my exercise this week - three days of the circuit cardio Robert mentioned, one day with a two mile walk, and one day of ballet conditioning (which is like standing up yoga). The results? Noticeable. In one week.

In one week, my back pain has diminished significantly (I tend to get back strain at the end of the day). In one week, my jeans are suddenly truly looser and not "I think they might be looser, but I won't commit an opinion at this point. I might just have less bloating that usual right now." In one week my yoga pants slid down my butt as I was hamstering the stairs. I caught them, don't worry. In the nick of time.

And most amazing of all... I actually look forward to working out! I know, it's weird.

I added ten minutes of yoga and ten minutes of Latin dance (the hips are feeling this one) to my circuit training, and I'm really enjoying it! I am now searching for a workout dvd with ten minute kick boxing segments I can incorporate. Any ideas?

So, sound of Fit Club! What kind of exercise do you truly look forward to and enjoy?

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