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How did you do this week?  I had some good, some bad, and some VERY FRUSTRATING.

The good?  I managed to exercise every day but yesterday when I was barfing up everything I'd eaten since 2002.  I kept up the hamster stair-runs, I managed pilates three times, and I added in two days of intense cardio.  And the family went for long walks on Saturday and Sunday, too! 

The bad...  Although I've been good about sticking to the eating portion of what I'm trying to do, I did slip three times this week.  One night I had fast food.  And two mornings I've had slices of honey toast because I kept forgetting to buy milk for my delicious Special K with Chocolate Cereal. 

And now the frustrating...

Hearing about my mother's weight loss from bariatric surgery.  She's down about 25 pounds now, in the same amount of time I've been working my tush off running up and down stairs, stretching myself out like the lead in some S & M torture movie, and denying myself M&M's.  Needless to say, I'm not down anywhere near 25 pounds.  I'm not even sure if that new looseness in my jeans is because I'm shrinking or because I haven't washed them for three wearings and they're stretched out.

I do know that my butt is absolutely noticeably firmer, but since it's a BIG butt, I'm not sure how much that counts. 

So, that's my disenheartening, I-feel-like-giving-up issue of the week; hearing someone else wax poetic about losing weight quickly with surgery while I glare at my butt in the mirror and try to will it to shrink faster.

What kind of issues do you all have with staying motivated?

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