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Good news to report this week!  My butt is getting noticeably firmer!  Those stairs - they are a wondrous thing.  I think my pants might be a little looser, but I'm not sure enough to report a definite yet. I hope I'm not just dehydrated.

I'm up to two times a day hamster running on the stairs, and I'll move it up to three next week.  Unfortunately, I've only done yoga twice this week, and I skipped one day of stairs because I was feeling like donkey poo.  I also need to find a yoga DVD that I actually like, because I feel a gazillion times better when I've stretched myself out several times a week.

Valentine's Day didn't help the diet (damn you, peanut butter cup eggs!), but other than that I've stuck it out pretty well.  No fast food, I switched to nut mixes for snacks, and when I absolutely HAD to have something sweet, I made cheesecake cookies with Splenda instead of sugar.  They were quite yummy.  And I've only had diet soda twice this week - which for me, the original diet soda addict - is a minor miracle in itself.  I'm all about water and tea now.  I hope I can keep that up, I've noticed a definate increase in my energy levels and a stabilization of my moods.  I'm sure Air Force Guy is happy about that.

And then there's that miracle of diet foods - Special K with Chocolate.  Oh how I love it.

So, report in SpouseBUZZers!  How did you do this week?  And what suggestions do you have for us?

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