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If I do yoga and run up and down the stairs like a hamster on crack today, I should make this week's fitness goals. 

One thing I've changed, though, is my once a day power stair attack.  Instead, I've switched to shorter term but more frequent dashes.  I try to do several stair laps every two hours or so.  It seems to have made a big difference!

Aside from that, I have to tell you about something wonderful I've discovered...

Special K with chocolate.  Yeah baby - you heard me.  A "diet" cereal with chocolate in it.  And it's like a little bit of heaven in your mouth.  I can't figure out why no one thought of this before - it's HEALTHY, and yet there's chocolate! 

My mind boggles.

So, I bought this cereal totally on accident and I was hooked.  It's now the only thing I will eat in the morning, and rather than chowing down on chips or candy for a snack, I pull out the Special K with chocolate and nosh on it dry. 

Also, I may switch to cereal for lunch too, at least on Fridays for a while, since Lent has seriously thrown off my routine.  Poor AFG was positively crestfallen to open his eagerly awaited lunch on Wednesday (I must say, I pack lunches like an art form.  He's the envy of his co-workers, who have thus far sent me actual emails requesting items for inclusion so that they can trade for them) and find a cheese sandwich.  No delicious pastrami, no savory roast beef.  Just cheese.  And I'd run out of the interesting gourmet stuff, too, so the poor guy was stuck with four slices of swiss.

Same thing today - he'll find out in a couple hours.

On the frustrating side - it's been two weeks since I've so much as looked at a french fry and my pants aren't getting any looser.  This had better change soon or... or... Well, I'll think of something.

So, report in Fit Club peeps!  And tell me, what's your secret weapon of diet food?  I could use some more ideas.

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