Something's gotta give


If there is one thing that being a military spouse has taught me, it has been self preservation.  It took almost 17 years.  But now, I know what my limits are. 

We are in the middle of a move.  A move, in which my DH will be leaving sooner than the rest of the family.  This means, packing, single parenting, painting, and trying to sell a home alone.  I am OK with these tasks.  It is part of the "Sisterhood", isn't it?  However, I have decided to throw in the towel in some of my volunteer efforts. 

This may seem easy, but I can honestly say it hurt my ego a bit to verbalize "I just do not think I have the time, to help".  I typically volunteer about 3 hours on Sunday nights at the children's AWANA club.  3 hours is a lot of time for me to give.  Especially with the move.   

I seriously had to sit and justify "NO", for weeks.  So last night, I told the head of the AWANA club, that I just do not think I have it in me right now. 

Saying no is hard for some of us, but I promise the old saying "If Momma ain't happy, no one is happy", rings true in my house.  So I had to say no.  Despite my feelings that it is a selfish proclamation. 

I woke this morning, feeling a little guilty, but relieved that others were so understanding. 

I was wondering how many of us feel guilty saying "no", and how many of us struggle with finding that delicate balance between serving others and ourselves.

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