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It's been a very, very hectic period of time at Casa Semper Fi.  There are many projects that I am committed to and working on.   I'm not even talking about the "normal" stuff I do around the house, like cooking or the decluttering project.  I'm even in the process of starting up a 501c3 to support our servicemembers and families at the hospitals.  With all of this going on, there is still my son's upcoming deployment and Lancelot's globetrotting job.

Sunday, I knew I'd hit critical mass......

For starters, I had forgotten to put water in the coffeemaker the night before.  I never do that.  Coffee is just too important to me.  Of course, I kicked myself for being so addle-pated..                            Little did I know, addle-pated was going to be the word for the day.

After Lancelot brought my car back from running his errands and filling up the gas tank, I ran to the grocery store.  Without a list.  Without a plan.  How frustrating to run up one aisle and back down another more than once...twice or even three times, I'd say.

Returning from the store, I left my wallet in the car, which prompted a panicked search through the house before realization set in.  Sigh....

The last, and what I consider the worst, example of addlepation left my husband highly amused.  He was busy while I was at the store.  He had secretly purchased a large, flatscreen high def tv, removed the old tv from the family room, put the new one in, plugged in the dvd player, put batteries in the remote, put the tv on my favorite channel and left the remote on the arm of the couch.

I put groceries away, grabbed a snack and read the paper within 10 feet of the large tv and it took me half an hour to notice it.  And I only did that when I saw that unfamiliar remote and looked up to see if we had a Sharp tv..

Yeah...Lancelot's going to be telling that story for a long, long time.

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