Sharks at the gates?


You know what I'm talking about ... the green and yellow neon signs; the inviting and tantalizing promises of cash, right now, in your hands. ... and we've either known or supervised or befriended someone who through life's ups and downs, needed cash -- quick.

The Air Force sponsored program (through the Air Force Aid Society) is launching their Services program called Falcon Loan on 3 March 08.  It mirrors those programs from the other services for the most part and is something every Wingman needs to know.  AND ... if you're an AF Key Spouse, you need to understand this program. 

Fortunately for us, Love My Tanker...

... has done a masterful job at collecting this information, running the traps like a professional, and has laid it all out in her post, Service Loan Programs.  If you haven't read her post, and you are in any way, form or fashion involved "with the troops" then you simply must take the time and read it.  Now.  Do it.  We all give to these programs in hopes of never having to use them, but some just aren't so fortunate.  Click the link -- scroll to your branch of service.  Understand and then communicate to those not so fortunate... O&O, MaintenanceToadOne

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