Note To Self For Our Next PCS Move


A Note to myself - even though much of the available military paperwork (explanations) dealing with moving, AKA PCSing, is straight forward - some of it is difficult to decipherer.  Transportation counselors and finance offices sometimes 'forget' to mention certain things.  I should know better, really.  I should have researched better and asked more questions before our last PCS.

I say this, why?  Because although I did consider tax implications for our partial DITY, I was unable to find tax related information pertaining to partial DITY moves when I searched for it.  I only found information on full DITY moves.  I should have assumed that the information I did find pertained to both types of moves, but I did not.  I feel like a total moron! 

Yes, if you partial DITY or full DITY, you will get a separate W-2 to report as income.  This one is mailed to you instead of being provided electronically.  Moral here - It is better to know about and wait for the MIL PCS W-2 to come in the mail, than to have to do an addendum to your taxes.  UGH!

Apparently the DITY term is being phased out and DITY moves are now being called Personally Procured Moves

Where was I when this term was changed?  I normally pride myself in being updated on term changes, etc, but this one must have passed me by.  I feel so behind the times.  Sigh!

My girlfriend recently did a full DITY PPM and kindly reminded me that doing so put their family into a new income tax bracket!  It doesn't work this way for everyone, but it is something to consider and research when pre-planning your move.  I know that I will certainly keep that in mind the next time we PCS.

Note to self - do a better job of researching and asking questions in the future and be sure to internet search for DITY and PPM next time!  Yes, there will be a next time - because I love to DITY.  Dang it, I mean PPM!

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