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Last night, my husband and I were watching television when one of those commercials targeting bald men came on. Use this product and you'll get your hair back. One no-longer-bald man said, "Life is about having fun. Life is about looking good."

Ordinarily, that statement would have went in one ear and out the other. A company is simply marketing its product in a way they believe is effective. But on this night, it stuck me as a bit shallow because my husband and I happened to be watching The Military Channel. Ever watch that channel? If not, you should.

The Military Channel has served to remind me that our spouse's jobs are incredibly vital to defending our nation and keeping it safe. Oh, I knew that was the case, but I didn't know how little I didn't know.

If my husband isn't watching sports, our television is usually on news stations or HGTV. But lately, I've become addicted to The Military Channel. I've watched shows on Naval aviation, Rangers, Snipers, Submarines, Navy SEALS, previous conflicts, combat operations in Afghanistan and Iraq, old weaponry and new technology. I knew very little about how our branches work together during combat until I began watching The Military Channel. Now, I know how far a sniper's reach is, I can tell you about the REMUS, I know about the SEAL Delivery Vehicle, on and on. And it's fascinating stuff. I'm learning a lot. The visuals are incredibly powerful. When you see the amount of training and discipline that goes into developing the skills of our armed forces, it's really eye-opening. And it makes me proud of my spouse and your spouse.

Don't get me wrong, I'm glad that bald men have options. I truly am. But isn't life is about more than looking good and having fun? Tomorrow night is Oscar night. Celebrities will stroll down the red carpet. They'll be looking good and having fun. I don't begrudge them their moment in the sun. Not at all. I love attending a formal ball. I'll think of the Oscars as their version of a military ball. But instead of watching the Oscars, I think I'll flip over to The Military Channel. There, I'll find men who have grueling fitness routines that keep them looking good and fitting into their specially-designed uniforms. Their make-up will be of the green and black variety. Their accessories may weigh as much as 60 pounds and be a bit less shiny than the ones on display in Tinseltown. They won't get statues for playing their roles, but we can rest assured that the men and women featured on The Military Channel always have, and always will, make a real difference in the lives of so many. I also think they look pretty damn good doing it.... I'll take camouflage over silk any day.

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