My husband needs to work on his delivery


So DH had to go back to Walter Reed today to get his cast removed (finally!).  I always worry when he is driving without me because he has a tendency to get sleepy (it's about a 4 hour drive).  On his way home he pulled over like a good boy about 5pm and called to tell me he was taking a nap.  I finally got ahold of him again about 6:50pm to make sure he was awake.  He was about 90 miles away from home - no biggie now that he's rested a while.

Then my phone rings again about 8:00pm...

DH:  Hi Honey.  The good news is that I'm not in jail and I'm not hurt.

Me:  Okay... the bad news?

DH:  Well, I pulled in to the gas station and I left the truck running..... etc, etc, etc.  (In my head I'm wondering if a) someone stole his truck, b) he didn't have any money/debit/credit card for gas, c) the truck fell apart or something...)  It was a bit unnerving, but I did my best to be patient and wait for the "punchline."

DH:  (Punchline) ...I fell asleep (for an HOUR) with my head resting on the steering wheel and the truck was still running.

Me:  Oh.  Okay. (As I wipe the sweat off my brow and take deep breaths because he really is fine and so is the truck).

DH:  ...so I'll be home later than expected.

Now here's the sad part - NO ONE came out to see if DH was okay.  I mean, he was parked next to a gas pump with his head on the steering wheel for AN HOUR!!!  Fortunately DH was just asleep.

Another reason DH needs to work on his delivery:

Last week our dog ran away (he's back now, thank goodness!).  I was at work and I got a call from DH...

Me:  Hello?

DH:  We don't have a dog any more.

Me:  What?!  What are you talking about?

DH: Major (the dog) ran way... etc, etc.

I think I need to help DH work on his timing and delivery.  Either he drags everything out (scenario #1) or he is so quick to the point (scenario #2) that it's like getting hit in the face with a baseball bat.  Find a balance, for cryin' out loud!  (Okay, I feel better now.  Actually, when DH walks through the front door I'll feel A LOT better).

Anyone else have issues like this? 

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