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Okay, so I'm not Army.  Which is probably why I didn't know about this website, www.myarmylifetoo.com

I went to this website to learn more about Army Family Team Building (AFTB), which are a series of classes that teach subjects of interest to military members and their families, beginning with basics such as Basic Military Benefits and Entitlements, or Military Acronyms and Terms, and moving through to more complex topics such as Family Readiness Groups and the Deployment Cycle.

What I found was much more: 

From the homepage of the website, you can quickly link to information about moving, taxes, deployment, education and kid's stuff.  While some of it is Army specific, much of it is appropriate for all the services.  As best as I can tell, the website is mostly links to other sites, put together in a fairly logical format.  And if you click on the Family Members tab on the top of the page, you willalso find links to information specific to Guard and Reserve families.

In addition to the basic AFTB classes, there are also special classes dealing with financial planning, internet safety for kids, deployment preparation, and planning for retirement.  All of these classes are available to be taken online - great if you have small children or aren't near AFTB classes!


You must register to use the good parts of this website.  If you are not Army or affiliated with an Army group, there is an option under the Military Community Affiliation field to enter "other."  This site does utilize Internet Explorer and doesn't play well with other browsers.  The site is an official military website, so it is designed to give out information and doesn't really have much of a sense of community.  You'll have to stick to SpouseBUZZ for that!

This may not be news to most of you Army folks, but as a Navy spouse, I found it to be very informative.  I would be curious to know if this is new to you, and if you have found it useful.  I like having a virtual bookshelf full of resources that I can turn to, and I'm putting this on my list. 

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