Yeah, I Should Have Got That Free Flu Shot....


I've spent the better part of three days in my bedroom. It's flu season. Hit me like a freight train late Thursday night. Terrible timing as I had commitments on post the next day.

We were having a competition of sorts and I was responsible for bringing a couple of elements that would be used in decorating our unit's booth. When I woke up Friday morning, I couldn't move. My body ached all over and I was chilled to the bone. 

I called my husband and asked if he could run home, pick up my contributions, take them over to the event hall and help decorate in my place. I was pretty excited about our booth. I thought we had a pretty good theme going and our booth was sure to impress.

When Mr. Andi came home to retrieve the items, I was laying in bed with the laptop, dayrunner and cell phone, all within reach. I would doze off, wake-up, check email/voicemail then go back to sleep. Mr. Andi chastised me. He said I needed tranquility and uninterrupted rest. He was right. I did. Too bad I just nodded, rolled back over and paid no attention whatsoever to his words.

At some point on Friday, I answered a few phone calls. I vaguely remember talking to a friend of mine who is in a rock band. I believe I agreed to purchase his company. The only thing is, and it's just a minor detail, I don't have the money to do so. Either he sold his company to me or I gave SpouseBUZZ away to him. I don't have the authority to do that, either. Actually, I'm not quite sure what he's going to do with SpouseBUZZ. Doesn't seem like a good fit for a rocker kind of guy...

Anyhooo....I also remember talking to someone about a Realtor referral. We're PCS'ing in a few months. I'm not sure, but I think we have a dedicated agent now and I can't tell you if it is a male or a female.

Over the past three days, I've either submitted rambling, incoherent responses to email, (as I think about it, I'm probably rambling incoherently right now....) or ignored it altogether. My head feels like it weighs 50 lbs., my nose is bright red and peeling, and I can't breathe.

The good news is this - my head is huge but my abs are getting ripped. Hacking for three days straight works wonders on the torso.

The bad news is this - I seemed to have purchased a company I know nothing about and one I can't afford. And I may have given SpouseBUZZ away in the bargain. Furthermore, I have a new realtor but have no idea how to reach her/him. Think a Sudafed PE/Mucinex defense will help me out here?

All in all, the last few days have been disastrous.

There was a point to this story when I started typing. There really was. I can't remember what it was to save my life. Nor can I remember how it related to milspouses, but hey, who knows, the new management may not require that we write about milspouse issues.

Now, what was I saying? Oh, Yes. I remember now. The word "disaster" jarred my memory. I will say this, the saga continues. Even now, as I type. And there is a milspouse angle. there truly is. So stay tuned.

To be continued.....

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