Defining PTSD tonight on SpouseBuzz Talk Radio 9pm EST


We at SpouseBuzz have been wanting to do a program on Post Traumatic Stress Disorder for some time now.  PTSD is real, and does affect some families.  We have decided that the topic is so important, we will be doing a two part series on PTSD.

I do think the issue has been so politicized, that it has become increasingly hard to discuss in a rational way.  There is a lot of shame associated with PTSD. 

Please join us tonight for a frank discussion, where we define PTSD. 

There should be no shame in discussing PTSD, and helping those families who are affected by the syndrome to seek treatment. 

Join us tonight on SpouseBuzz Talk Radio at 9pm EST, as we will be defining PTSD in a frank discussion with Dr. Roca a representative from the VA who specializes in PTSD.  Feel free to call in, and participate in the discussion, and the chat room will be open for those of you who are interested. 

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