A wonderful discovery

Last night I, along with Airforcewife and Sarah, had a wonderful conversation on SBTR with author Judith Heimann.  You can read AFW's post about the synopsis of the book so I don't repeat everything she said.  But I do highly encourage you to listen to the radio show and hear for yourself what a wonderful book The Airmen and The Headhunters really is!  It's an incredible, true story from WWII.  Ms. Heimann traveled far and wide, and worked on this book for 10 years to piece together an incredible story.

A story of survival, friendship, embracing a new culture, and many other things that we military spouses experience every time we move (PCS).  This book is not about milspouses, but Sarah brought up a great point about (wondering) how the families of the Airmen in this story coped with the "unknown" of their loved ones.  Were they dead?  Did they come home?

You don't want to miss this book!  Even if you aren't a "military buff," I guarantee this book will leave a lasting impression.

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