A cast, a button-down shirt, a 4 year old, and a coffee table


Next time you get dressed in your comfy jeans and button-down shirt, imagine the following:

Your left arm is in a cast from your elbow to the middle of your fingers (and you don't have a pinky), and you don't have an opposable thumb because of nerve damage.  Now, on your right hand you can't use your thumb because the Dr. removed most of your nail so it grows back correctly - and it's REALLY sensitive!  Oh, and your thumb on your right hand is also not opposable.

Now, button your pants and your shirt without becoming incredibly frustrated...

This is a daily task that my husband struggles with after having his last surgery.

This morning DH was using his new handy-dandy "button-helper" to button his shirt (he managed to button his pants just fine).  DH was quite proud of his accomplishment and was struggling with the last button.  He asked me to button it and as I reached to do so, I realized his shirt was crooked.

Me: Uh... your shirt's crooked.DH: Dammit (followed by an awkward silence)Me: Do you want me to redo it for you?DH: Yeah.

In walks our 4 year old daughter...

DH: Don't laugh at me (daughter).  I can tie my own shoes! (And he said this with a big grin on his face)Daughter: I can too!DH: Well, I can do long division.Daughter: Yeah. Well I can move the coffee table in the living room.

And we all cracked up!

The moral of the story is this:  We were able to laugh at a situation that, in the past, could easily become emotional and very intense for DH (and myself).

Kids... gotta love their humor!

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