12 Different Authors, 12 Different DMV Nightmares

RedLegMeg wrote about her trip to the DMV, as did AirForceWife.  Now it's my turn.

Everyone's trip to the DMV includes hours of waiting and some nailbiting when you're not sure you'll give the proper names for the road signs.  I won't bore you with that stuff.  And happily my photo didn't turn out half bad.  But my trip also included a couple of military-related headaches.

For example, as of yesterday our state no longer accepts a military ID as proof of your social security number.  We had to turn around and drive home to dig up my husband's SSN card.  And, come on, isn't a military ID more secure than a flimsy piece of blue paper with some typing on it?  Also, the "as of yesterday" thing rubbed us the wrong way; we had scoured the DMV website before we left the house, and nowhere did it mention the change in policy.

Also, we do not have a utility bill of any kind that is in my name.  We're a military family; I'm used to having everything in his name for simplicity's sake.  But because my name was not on the water bill, I had to sign an affidavit and pay extra money to swear that I live in the same residence as my husband.

But it's done.  Often I wonder why we don't get military driver's licenses that are not tied to a state, so we don't have to change them every time we move.  I'm sure there's a reason why we don't have that, but it certainly would make things easier on us.

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