When Insanity Takes Over


The Army just threw us a curve ball. This one was a bit different than others that have been thrown at us over the years. This one was a good curve ball, and one we're very excited about. Now, I suppose I should start off with a caveat - this too can change. Although that goes without saying with this crowd. All of you know that.

We always assumed that we would be moving back to Washington, and we were more than fine with that. In fact, if we couldn't get an overseas tour, that was our preference. But an unexpected opportunity to go to a tropical destination came up last week. And we jumped on it. Actually, I feel like we've won some kind of lottery or something. I woke up this morning to eight degree temps and said to myself "Just think, it's 80 degrees in my soon-to-be home town." The mere thought warmed my chilled bones. No more winter. Yay! I hate cold weather. Hate it. Really, truly hate it.

My husband waltzed through the door last week and broke the great news. Within five minutes, I was on the internet looking at real estate. What did rentals cost? What are the prices of homes in the area? What area do we want to live in? If you're a real estate agent in the area, I have been on your site. Ad Nauseam. I guarantee it. I probably know your children's names and the breed of your dog, too. I feel like we're old friends. Let's do dinner sometime.

And so the madness began. Searching the net, crunching numbers, making lists, bookmarking favorites, emails flying, phone calls, photos of property zooming over the internet and landing in my husband's inbox. I'm in move-mode and I just can't relax until I know where I'm going to be living in a few months. The uncertainty is driving me nuts.

When I stop and think about it, I know I'm being somewhat irrational. Okay, I'm being a lot irrational. First of all, if we buy a house, it won't be for another four or five months. Yeah, you know where I'm going here. It's unlikely that the homes I'm bookmarking right now will still be available when we're ready to purchase or rent. So there's a boatload of hours wasted. And I do mean a boatload....

I've narrowed my search down to a specific area. I think I know where I want to live, but that's just the way it looks from a distance, on the internet. I could get on the ground and realize that I'm way off base. The area may look great on a map, but not so great from eye-level. Another boatload of hours wasted.

And here's the biggie. The one we all deal with while we're waiting for orders.... There are no orders in hand. So, until then, and perhaps even shortly afterwards, I know anything could happen. The rug could be pulled out from under us and we could be sent to Iceland rather than paradise. I could be living in an igloo rather than a tiki hut. 

I suffer from OCD. I'm not in denial, I'm fully aware of my illness. Even so, my recent behavior is insane. It really is. I'm apparently driving Mr. Andi over the edge, too. He just told me to book a flight and get out there to check it out before I spend any more time on the internet developing new cyber-relationships with people who want to take our money. Yes. Yes. That's exactly what I need to do. And I'm going to do it. I really am. Soon. Very soon.

Until then, if you need me, I'm probably on the internet getting up close and personal with more real estate agents. Well, gotta go. Just got an email telling me that the price of a property I inquired about has been slashed and the buyers are willing to throw in stainless steel appliances. Oh, it's vacant and available right now. I'll see if they would be adverse to setting a July 15 closing date. That would just be ideal.

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