In three weeks, my husband finishes his training and gets orders back into the "real" Army.

For the past year and a half, my husband has been in Army schools.  Life has run like clockwork and we have known exactly what to expect from day to day.

Life is about to get unpredictable again.

We were gently teasing a new wife this weekend, a wife who met and married her husband while he's been in this Army training program.  Although she's been around the Army for a year now, she hasn't yet done a day of "real" Army.

Schoolhouse Army means my husband comes home at the exact same time every day.  "Real" Army is when he calls me and says he's on his way home...and two hours later I'm sitting there with a cold dinner wondering what could've sidetracked him on his way out of the unit.

Schoolhouse Army means every day is the same.  "Real" Army means one day you're jumping out of a plane and the next day you're cutting the grass.

And schoolhouse Army means my husband is at home.  "Real" Army means that in three weeks, my husband rejoins the deployable Army.

Life is about to get interesting...

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