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A lot of pimping going on, so take your time and browse all of the links below. And remember, if you want to Pimp Your Stuff (or someone else's stuff) for the February edition, click here for details. Consider it free advertising.

Please note that we're not endorsing any of these products or services, we're simply passing along information. If you choose to participate in a study, research project or documentary, that is your decision. The SpouseBUZZ authors are not affiliated with any of the projects/products featured in this post.

More Work-From-Home opportunities:

VIPdesk offers two different types of work from home opportunities since they provide two different services, virtual contact center solutions and virtual concierge services. Also, an extra benefit with VIPdesk is that customer service work does not require a lot of up front education like medical transcription.

Click here to check out VIPdesk.

Share a Story:

I'd like to invite you, your co-writers, and the readers of Spouse Buzz to share stories and memories on "Saluting America's Veterans,a new Website where veterans -- as well as their friends and families -- can post personal stories, photos, and videos documenting their war experiences.

American Profile allows you to read and share stories of America's Veterans. Check it out. If you send in a story, let us know so we can link to it.

Speaking of FRGs....

Hi, I just came across the Spouse Buzz.  Lots of interesting information.

Anyhow, I'm an Army spouse working on her doctorate.  My research is on the FRG.  If you would be kind enough, could you please fill out an anonymous survey about your current deployment experience at http://www.questionpro.com/akira/TakeSurvey?id=807026 ?  I need 100 participants to be able to draft a report for my dissertation.

Your help would deeply appreciated.

I'd like this to be posted so other spouses may see it.

Thanks so much.

Dog Tags for Kids:

As a sponsor of the Dog Tags for Kids project, I am checking out the sites that are similar to our new and improved web site. Perhaps you are already aware of this program, and the good it has done for the children of our men and women in the service overseas. If you're not, I hope you will have the chance to check it out and read some of the stories.

In the meantime, I would certainly appreciate your giving consideration to adding a link to our site from yours so that we can help spread the word. the organization is strictly 100% volunteer and to date have engraved and shipped over 300,000 dog tags to the troops overseas. We feel it's a great program that caters to the kids and could use any and all help.

Spend Your Dollars Wisely:

We are excited to be able to offer to you a new web based shopping mall operated directly by us www.aleethiamall.org  where your purchases will support The Aleethia Foundation. Your purchases from the web stores on our web based shopping mall will generate commissions that can help fund our efforts in support of our troops and their families.

It works this way.  You go to www.aleethiamall.org where you will find over 800 web Stores, including the likes of Kohl's, BassPro, Fashion Bug, Best Buy... plus many more nationally recognized retailers. You click on the store of your choice and if you make a purchase from that store, approximately 7% of your purchase price will go to The Aleethia Foundation.

I'm told that the Polka Dot Plum store is co-owned by a milspouse. Click here to browse.

More cute stuff:

[M]y partner and I have just launched a business called Girl, That's Cute.  We make Handmade Custom Travel Wipe Cases.  Each case is padded, covered in trendy fabrics and decorated with cordinating trim.  I looked at your website and we wondered whether you could feature our products as great gifts for new moms.  I am an Army Child, born Italy raised in Germany and graduated in Texas.  I am hoping to market to military moms.

Our website currently up and running, but we are in the process of editing it daily.  The web address is http://www.girlthatscute.com We also have a blog http://girlthatscute.blogspot.com.  We are currently updating it daily with new designs.  Please let us know if you would be interesting in featuring our products we would greatly appreciate the exposure.  We are mommies who like cute things!!.

From Paula:

Hey! I would love to be included in a link - I am a children's photographer in Hampton Roads, VA. Thanks! Paula.

Check out PRB Photography here. Awesome pics! 

From Matt:

I currently serve in the Armed Forces and run www.tspmoney.blogspot.com. The site is designed to help military and federal employees with there Thrift Savings Plan Retirement Account.

From Theresa:

I just wanted to get a link for my business put on the site.  We sell embroidered clothing for military families of all services. Our items are for babies up to adults and we even have a few bags and hats to help you accessorize. Our website is www.4militarybrats.com  Thanks so much.

From Daniel:

I was wondering if you would be willing to help me in my research about TRICARE health insurance. My name is Daniel and I am a graduate student at Texas State University - San Marcos. I am doing some research on TRICARE experiences. I have been covered by this insurance plan all my life as my father is active duty National Guard. Would you be willing to help me advertise for this research on your blog? I would be more than willing to share my findings with you if you should want them. My research blog is located at:http://tricare.wordpress.com

From Rick:

I'm Rick Perez.  I work for Brave New Foundation.  Our foundation is part of the Iraq Afghanistan Deployment Impact Fund (IADIF).  IADIF awarded our foundation a grant to tell the stories about the impact America's  missions in Iraq and Afghanistan are having here at home.  Our goal is to amplify these stories, without editorial comment or ideological or partisan bias, so that we can help raise awareness among the American public as to the struggles, sacrifices and triumphs some of our fellow citizens and their families  are making for these campaigns.

We are in the process of compiling these stories for an online, video documentary project.  I read the blog you moderate on SpouseBuzz.com and discovered that it would be an excellent venue for us to enlist the participation of your readers.

Click here to learn more about vetstories.org.

From Sean:

I am with The Freedom Group of America who is promoting The National Wave (www.thenationalwave.com). Our purpose is to get Americans to set aside their differences and Unite for our troops and remember what they fought and died for.

Here is where I need your help. We started with the Official Uniting Towel of America. Which monies raised would be given to charity. We have room for more charities, so any you can suggest that would be based on Military would be great. However, here is my real problem. We have a device that costs around $45 dollars that would allow any soldier oversees (not just Iraq) that has access to a computer with Internet, FREE CALLS 24/7/365. I want to figure out a way to promote this so that American people would purchase them troops. Now, this device can call any phone, for example, a cell, landline, or even a payphone. It will also have Voice mail with it so that messages can be left. Not only can they now call their families, but also their friends. There are times that a soldier wants to talk about stressful things but not really to family. Anyway, I am trying to figure the best way to do this, it should be the right for our soldiers to call anyone they want! And I cannot stand to think of a $25 calling card getting limited minutes etc....

From Ginger:

Hello, I am a military spouse doing research on ID Tags/Dog Tags for a book I am writing. I have finished the majority of my book, but am most lacking in current stories and images. Because my husband is still on active duty and in a position where as his wife I am unable to go beyond the normal research and reach out to active duty.

I have tried message boards and veterans organizations and appreciate the few active duty stories/images I have received, but would like to have more people remembered and to share their stories. I came across your website and blog while doing my research, and hope you might be able to help.  I am taking the angle that these tags bring comfort to that fear of every Soldier facing death: I do not want to be forgotten; I will not be unknown. We are currently in a war where the Dog Tag is once again a highly personal item to warriors in every service and their families.  Each Dog Tag carries its own human interest story, and is much more than a piece of metal with words and numbers imprinted on it. Receiving it, hanging it around the neck, and feeling it is at once a silent statement of commitment. The tag itself individualizes the human being who wears it within a huge and faceless organization. The armed forces demand obedience, commitment, and duty to a higher cause, but the Dog Tag which hangs privately within their shirts, close to their chests, becomes a part of them. Understanding and sharing the history of Dog Tags and their deeply personal meaning in today's world is at the core of this book.

I would appreciate stories or images for any of the following, with a connection about Dog Tags:         Personal Stories       Photos         Articles and news events - remains, identification, found media         Body Tattoos - Meat Tags        Other identifiers like Clickers/Crickets, P 38s, etc         Statues or memorials        Myths or Urban Legends         Other If you have any questions I would be glad to answer them, or please check out the site to get more information. Sincerely,Ginger [last name omitted].

Click here to learn more about the dogtaghistory project.

From John:

Andi, check out www.homesickgi.com. It was developed for family and friends of our Military men and women. Join for free and invite your friends. They are doing a great thing, but need our help in getting the word out.

From Sean:

My name is Sean and I in the process of launching a telecomm/ e- commerce company which will be selling telecom products to soldiers overseas and their families. At this point I am looking for soldiers and families to give the product to so they can critique it and give testimonials. If you would be interested in giving some of your readers an opportunity to try my product out you can email me for further information.

From Jacquie (and several others):

I thought this might be something that the Spouse buzz community would appreciate...

From A.P.:

My mother-in-law has worked on an Air Force base for more than 20 years, and my husband grew up in a military community.   I'm the owner of an online business that can make sending and receiving cards and gifts to loved ones easier (and more affordable) than ever.   My neighbor's husband was deployed to Iraq in late summer, and she says it has been a great way for them to stay in touch!

SendOutCards allows military families to send real, printed greeting cards (that arrive in the mail) from their computers in seconds!  These are not e-cards; they are Hallmark-quality, printed cards, and the system is just amazing.

With the computer volume up, families can visit www.sendoutcards.com/27361 to see how easy it is to select and send cards and gifts, keep track of birthdays and other important dates (with reminders sent to their e-mail Inbox), and manage all of their contact information.

Note: Some of you sent in requests that were either outdated by the time this post was published, or which had dead links. In those cases, your request is not included in this post. If you have a time-sensitive project you would like considered for publication, please make sure that is clear in the subject line. Otherwise, all Pimp Your Stuff email goes into one folder which will not be opened until the end of the month.

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