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Another new year has dawned and with it the same old guilt producing search for a resolution!  One that I will actually stick to and achieve would be good.  I'm thinking of trying a bold step this year. 

As I'm not the most technologically savvy person, I've decided to try to hone my skills on the techno stuff!   I've decided to experiment (practice the dark arts?) with SpouseBUZZ.   

When Andi asked me to join the SpouseBUZZ team, I fretted and feared.  I'd never even read blogs other than hers.  Before I met her, three years ago, I didn't know what a blog was!  Yes, I was a blog virgin!  I'm still relatively new to the whole thing and, despite my involvement with the BUZZ - still feel as though I don't know a lot about it.  My BUZZ buddies talk about radio shows, chat rooms, video conferencing from their home computers and other such things and I freeze like a doe in the headlights!

It's wrong!  I'm young (relatively) and I should know more about these things!  I should be open to new experiences.  I think it could be the repressive years of growing up in Catholic schools with lots of nuns around me!  I'm not terribly experimental!  SO....I'm stepping out!  I'm testing my techno-wings this year!  I'm going to use the time to dedicate myself to learning more! 

Shoot, I've already begun to master the many uses of the cell phone this year!  Did you know that you can send photos you take with your cell phone to someone else?!?!?!  Found that out during a snow storm in November!  It's all very exciting.  I was going to set my resolution sights at learning how to text message this year (I have college age nieces and nephews - gotta work on being the hip aunt!) - but after texting my buddy in DC (hi Sandra!), I found that too easy a resolution.  What was I gonna do the rest of the 364 days this year - practice?!?!?!  Gotta say, my phone is not really conducive to texting.  Now I feel the need to acquire a new phone simply for the full-scale keyboard option!  I can see this is going to be an expensive resolution!

Here's my thoughts:  Papa Bear is going TDY for a school starting the end of the month.  He'll be gone for three months (which is a laughable amount of time for most of you - I'm not saying it's a long time, just that it's long enough for me to accomplish my New Year's Resolution - Good Lord willing!).  Then Migs has more surgery (rather unexpectedly, blast it all) coming up in June, for which he and I will be in MN for two months.  My resolution is to use this time to become a better blogger and BUZZer!  To learn how to get onto the bloody chat room and to participate in the radio shows.   Which will be much easier from MN, since it's in the Central Time Zone and I'm an early riser/early to bed kinda person.

Most of you are thinking - good grief, girl - this is easy.  Piece of cake!  It should take you about an hour to learn.  Probably true, but I also have to come out of my shell - this would be the tough part.  I swear I'm not hiding on purpose - I just don't have any clue what I'm doing, don't think I have too much interesting to say, am an introvert and I'm mostly too shy to do talk show stuff - who can think of something interesting to say for an entire hour!?!?!?!?  Blogging is great for us introvert types, but a personal challenge all the same!  I'd start with tonight's show but I'm traveling home from my holiday with family - Good heavens, I hate to leave.  I love Texas!  It's so warm and has no snow!

I'm gonna gear up the next few weeks - study, practice, get help from my ever-loving, techno-wonderful husband (and Guard wife, if she's got any free time!?!?!) - but, starting in February, I'm hoping you will be hearing from me more. Unfortunately for y'all, I won't have anything more interesting to say - but I'll be around more!  I guess you could say that y'all, my virtual buddies, are my new year's resolution.  Kinda cool when you look at it that way!   

Enough about my techno resolution - what's YOUR resolution?!?!?!  What has made you want to step out of your comfort zone and "Carpe Diem"?  How are you going to make yourself and your life (or, better yet, the lives of those around you) a bit better this year!?!??!

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