Spousal Job Security

Papa Bear left on Sunday for three-month training class.  It's been two days and he's got total job security here at home!  Sunday night the microwave went out.....Monday morning the boys' upstairs bathroom toilet broke.....last night I realized that I'd never learned how to TIVO.

So far, here's my solutions - Forget the microwave for three months or buy a cheap one for the counter and move it downstairs for the kids to make popcorn with when the kitchen microwave is fixed (aka, when Papa Bear is home!).   

The toilet, now there's a messy issue!  My first thought was that we are not a one hole house!  Who cares - you can use another bathroom until the big guy gets back!!!!!  On second thought, it's a great opportunity for me to learn some basic plumbing!  So, I'll probably be tackling that later this week.  YUCK!

As for the TIVO.  I'm just going to have to embrace the age and have Migs, the 14 year old, teach me how to use the blasted machine!  More on my plate of New Year Reservation for techno-knowledge.  I'm a capable young woman, I'm a capable young woman, I'm a capable young woman - okay I'm really an old dog trying to learn new tricks!

So, I'm thinking that Papa Bear is watching the scenario unfold with a small smirk thinking, "She needs me!"  My little problems are his job security.  I doubt that I can keep him from realizing that he's so much more than the tech support and handy man.  It's nice for him to know that he really is important to the everyday stuff in the house....but did it have to show itself in the first 48 hours of his extended TDY?

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