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The milspouse group is a diverse one - to say the least.  But, we also have a great deal in common on many fronts.

Let's find out just how much we have in common and also how diverse we all are, when it comes to things that we really like to do in our personal time.

Do you have a hobby?

Homefront Six likes to fix things with 550 cord.  Sarah loves to knit and even shared her skills with Air Force Wife.  Andi likes to cook.  Guard Wife enjoys scrapbooking.  Ok, so some of these are really hobbies and a couple are just funnies!

Some of you may ask - hobby, who has time for a hobby?  I can understand that.  For many years I neglected pursuing hobbies.  I just never seemed to have the time.  However, I finally realized that I simply had to make time for myself and the hobbies I enjoy.  I needed some 'me time' once in awhile.  In pursuing my favorite hobby, I get some 'me time' and I have made some truly wonderful friends along the way.  I also count myself lucky in that my hobby is enjoyed by the entire family and that affords us some really enjoyable family time.  For example, we spent the entire day yesterday on the trail together!

So what is my favorite hobby?  Riding horses.  Not just riding, but simply being at the farm and taking in the beautiful views while just hanging out with my horses.  It is pure bliss for me and it gives me a chance to escape the rest of the world for a little while and just be.  I was raised with horses and I have enjoyed horses throughout my lifetime, but I am by no means a horse expert.  It is simply a passionate hobby for me and one that I am able to enjoy where we are currently stationed.

I also love to snow ski - but I am really, really bad at it.  I don't let that stop me though and when I get the opportunity, I ski.  I love taking photographs and while I am not very good at photography, I do it anyway.  I say the same things about scrapbooking and several other things.  I 'piddle around' (as my grandmother always said) with a lot of things.  Most of them are things I will never be proficient at, but I simply enjoy them.

What about you?  Do you have a hobby?  Do you find time to enjoy your hobby?  Do you want to find a hobby? 

Share your personal hobbies and some hobby ideas with us.  I know that I am always in need of new ideas!

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