Lengths and Locks

Each time we're facing a PCS move, three things strike fear in my heart, and none of them have anything to do with the actual packing and moving part of the PCS. No, you see, it's all about me.

Just what is it that totally sets off my panic button? The fact that I have to be assigned a new gynecologist, and find a new dentist and hairstylist. These things are important, after all.

My hair was already in a bad state when we arrived here. Entirely too long and in need of some color touch-ups. I've been traveling since we first arrived and had little time to take care of the increasingly-unruly mop that had taken over my head. Plus, when you tack on the additional six months we've been here, that mop had become totally uncontrollable. In fact, on Halloween, I was mistaken for Cousin It.


Not cool....

Which brings me to the problem. The problem that we always have when we move. Who do I trust to take ten or so inches off, give me a great style and add some beautiful highlights? If I were just getting a trim, I wouldn't be so anxious, but when we're talking about an entirely new style, well, I'm not going to just walk into the first salon I stumble across and let anyone with scissors have at it.

So, I asked around and one particular name and salon kept popping up. This lady must be good because she was booked solid, for longer than I was willing to wait. You know how it is, when you want it done, you just want it done. The sooner the better.

We were approaching Christmas and would be traveling to see our families, so I called my sister-in-law in a panic and asked if her stylist might be able to fit me in over the holidays. She always has such cute hair so I felt entirely comfortable going to her stylist. Turns out, she could take me and we booked an appointment.

In essence, I traveled 500 miles to get my hair done. Of course, that wasn't the primary purpose for the visit, but it was one of the items I wanted to achieve while there. And I did.


Now, I'm in an even bigger bind. I love this stylist. And she's 500 miles away. I may have to go visit my in-laws more often....

Oh, the lengths some milspouses will go to tame their locks!

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