Knit-Along AAR


A few months back, I organized a knit-along for some of my friends whose husbands are deployed.  This week I got emails from two other SpouseBUZZers that they too had participated and finished their knitting.

The knit-along is complete!  And we have pictures!

To recap:
The knitting pattern is the Danica pattern from
The scarf takes three skeins of Patons Soy Wool Stripes

Here's me, clowning around with my new scarf:


And here's a picture Heather S sent of her scarf (May I point out that I taught Heather to knit less than a year ago?  I am so proud of her skills!):


And I was thrilled to see that we had additional participation from the SpouseBUZZ community!

KJ posted pics and the story of the scarf she made for her boyfriend at her blog, Musings:


And Melanie shared pictures of her scarf over at Duck Soup (but I can't believe she's going to allow "farm gunk" to get on such a beautiful scarf...):


Our knit-along was a roaring success!  Anyone up for another?  Eventually, I plan to make this pirate hat for GBear's son if anyone else wants to join me...

Let me know if you have an idea for another knit-along in the comments section.  Or if you also made a Danica but didn't let me know, please share!

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