Just sick!


Please understand upfront, I am a wimp.  I hate being sick.  When I feel lousy, esp sinus infection type of feeling lousy, I just want to sit in bed and not deal with the world.  For those of us with kids and a hubby who is out of pocket, this translates into three or four loads of laundry, running to Panera's to get a decent breakfast - thanks to some inspiration from GuardWife!, working on work stuff from bed, thinking about how to make dinner from the upstairs bedroom, cleaning the bathrooms and dusting! 

It's relaxing, no doubt - but I'm sick.  All I can think of is how much I wish I lived close to home - translation, I want my mommy!

Ever feel like this?  What is is about mom's that make you want them when you feel horrid?  Maybe it's just my mom - she's truly saintly.  I just get sick and fall into the desire to be taken care of...don't we all? 

It's tough being away from home  - for me it's worse when I'm sick.  I'd be nice to have someone bring me hot apple cider and toast.  Someone to tell me they're so sorry that I'm not feeling well.  Ahhhhh, mom - you're the best.  I should tell you that more often!  I realize it's not Mother's Day, but I'm thinking of all the stuff my mom's done for me and I'm missing her!   She's always made me feel better! 

Miss Dad too, but he's more the 'fun' guy - the guy you do stuff with when you are feeling great - like bike riding and going to the Purple Cow!

The genes must have skipped a generation - Bubba just brought me a hot cocoa!  Aren't kids great!?!?!  Turns my whole day around to have kids like that!  Not to mention blowing my whole pity party blog.

Okay, I've got to get another load of laundry out, take Migs to his friends' house, pick up some work from work and then back to work from bed!  Pity parties can be a blast! I'm feeling like my head is about to explode, but I feel better just writing about how yucky I feel - odd how the human psychy works, isn't it?  Mom's are great, but it's so great to see your kids turning into the same wonderful types of people.  Someday, he'll make some lucky woman a phenomenal husband!  Sinuses stink, but Life is good!

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