I'm So Clueless! - Commissary Baggers Edition


As you know, I've been doing this Navy thing for a few years.  15, actually.  And I am still dying to know the answer to this one question:  How much am I supposed to tip the baggers?

Those of you who don't frequent the commissary probably don't wonder about this much.  I shop nearly every day.  Because there are six of us, and because our kitchen has about 4 cupboards, and because we live one block from the commissary.  I take my wagon and call it exercise.  I'm pretty happy with this.

However, it is getting a little expensive, this tipping the baggers every darn day.  I was talking to my neighbor about this, and mentioned that I feel like I should tip at least a dollar, even when I've picked up $8 worth of groceries, and it is one bag.  She said that she usually tips $1 per bag - I about fell over.  Either I'm a tremendous cheapskate or she's been drinking too much of the commissary free coffee.  At our previous home, I went to the commissary once every two weeks and spent a couple of hundred dollars - at least two carts worth.  I'd be tipping at least $20 bucks at her rate.

So I'm wondering, what do you think?

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