I Think They Issue Us Monkey Wrenches


My husband and I are total homebodies.  We never take leave, we never go away for the weekend, and we barely make it to the mailbox on weekends at home.  We haven't been on a trip together in two and a half years (unless you count going to our parents' houses, which I totally don't count as a vacation.)

So in December, we decided to do something uncharacteristic: we're taking a trip to see AirForceFamily!

I told my husband, "OK, we're doing this for real.  We're not going to say we're doing it and then the week before decide that it's too much of a hassle and then just stay home."  So we planned, and got really excited and emotionally invested in this tiny little trip.  I went on a shopping spree for the AirForceKids.  AirForceWife wants to learn to knit socks, so I planned a lesson for her.  And as time approached, we were really going to take a trip and get away from life for a few days.

You already know where this is going, right?

Luckily, we haven't had to cancel the trip.  But the mood of the trip has drastically changed.  My husband is at the end of language training, and he found out just this week that they've scheduled his Defense Language Proficiency Test for Tuesday.  Yep, it's a four-day for MLK weekend, and then -- boom -- most important test of your career.  So the trip's not cancelled, but I'm afraid there will be little relaxation on my husband's part.  We slimmed the trip down on both ends, and he's taking his materials to study in the car.

Our first weekend getaway in years, and the Army finds a way to throw a monkey wrench at us.Army, you're lucky I still love you, the way you knock me around so. 

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