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So here I sit, in the waiting room, while DH is in surgery for the 35th time since he was wounded in June 2005.  This surgery is outpatient, so at least DH can leave with me today.  DH has an AWESOME surgeon, so it's not the surgery that bothers me.  It's the waiting and wondering.  Waiting for the "all clear" after surgery, and wondering what life will be like when we get home.

The recovery process is the most difficult for me.  When DH is in pain and I can't make him feel better.  When he gets frustrated because he can't do things he was able to do before the surgery.  When 99% of the responsibilities for our family are on my shoulders because DH can't use one (and sometimes both) of his hands.  When I don't have anyone who's been through this to talk to when I need to whine (so I can get over myself and drive on).  Etc.

It's tough and I don't like it, but this is hopefully the LAST surgery DH will need from being wounded.  Plus, the surgery will give him more mobility and strength in his left hand, which I know he is looking forward to.  It's the healing/recovery process that I would like to fast-forward through.  But I can't, and I accept that.

If any of you reading this have a spouse or loved one wounded in the War on Terror, please let us know!!!  We all know that there are things only mil-spouses can understand.  And there are things that only family members of our wounded can understand.  So why not start networking with one another? 

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