Giving and Receiving

Watching children open their gifts with wide-eyed wonder is a gift in itself. I bought my three year-old niece some clothing (she is already a mini-fashionista). After she opened the package containing a gorgeous pink coat, she held it up and proclaimed to the entire room, "look, it's so beautiful. I want to wear it everyday." Talk about melting your heart!


I'd rather give than receive because it's much more fun, but this year I received two gifts that I absolutely loved. First, someone made a donation to the USO in my name. I love that idea! Second, and rather surprising, yet fun - Mr. Andi signed us up for dance lessons. That's right - dance lessons. The man must truly love me because he hates to dance.

We start next week. We'll be learning the Swing/Foxtrot/Cha Cha and Tango. I see lots and lots of blog material in this gift. I'm hoping we can make a brief appearance on Dancing With the Stars, too. Heh...

What did you most enjoy giving and what did you most enjoy receiving?

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