Five Words We LOVE to Hear


Last week in the chat room, Marine Wife noted that her deployed husband told her to stop sending mail. Without missing a beat, I congratulated her. Last night, I received an email from Penny, longtime reader and creator of this this MySpace page. Penny emailed to say that she is one of the people who are unable to comment due to our *ahem* techno-gremlins, but she added something else - she's been given a homecoming date.

Penny's email reminded me of the chat with Marine Wife, which made me think, and made me laugh out loud. Can you imagine how confused a civilian would be to read me congratulating Marine Wife because her husband told her to stop the mail if they had no understanding of the context?  Military spouses know exactly what that means. And it's a good thing. A very good thing.

I believe that when my husband said those five words to me, that's when I truly began to relax and anticipate a homecoming. Deployment was almost over.

"Don't send any more mail."

Ah.... Music to the ears.

Congratulations, Marine Wife and Penny.

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